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Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc.


5373 W. Alabama St., Ste. 209
Houston, TX 77056


(713) 621-7233


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In the 1970's, our founder was crippled in a mining accident. His job training for the job consisted of 45 minutes of instructions on how to drive a TEREX rock truck fully loaded up and down a mountain. The training was inadequate and he is paying the consequences for the rest of his life. He understands that an injured employee and his employer are not the only ones affected by an incident. Entire families are affected, many times for generations. That's why we are in this business, to make training available (and affordable) for anyone to assist in preventing injuries at work or home. Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. (CDP), for 30+ years as served as a full service production, course development and content provider for your QHSE Classroom, CBT and Internet-based training to firms worldwide.

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  • Available on CD-Rom/Disk
  • Available on Internet
  • Windows CE/Palm OS
  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Internet Platform
  • Intranet Platform
  • CD-Based
  • Consulting Services
  • DVD/Video
  • Internet-Based
  • On-Site Training
  • Off-Site Training
  • Print Material


  • Training, Behavioral Safety
  • Training, Confined Spaces
  • Training, Construction Safety
  • Training, Electrical Safety
  • Training, Emergency Response
  • Training, Environmental
  • Training, Ergonomics
  • Training, Eye & Face Protection
  • Training, Fall Protection
  • Training, Fire Safety
  • Training, First Aid
  • Training, Foot Protection
  • Training, Forklifts (Powered Industrial Trucks)
  • Training, Hand & Arm Protection
  • Training, Hazard Communication
  • Training, Hazardous Materials
  • Training, Head Protection
  • Training, Heat Stress
  • Training, Lead
  • Training, Lockout-Tagout
  • Training, Machine Guarding
  • Training, Material Handling
  • Training, Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Training, Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Training, OSHA Compliance
  • Training, Respiratory Protection
  • Training, Scaffolding
  • Training, Software
  • Training, Tools For Training & Education
  • Training, Walking-Working Surfaces
  • Training, Workplace Violence

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: Online | Classroom- FREE Training
    : PREMIUM Enterprise Training (Online)
      : PREMIUM Plus Training (Online)
        : SCORM Content for Your LMS